Youngs Teflon began his musical journey by writing ‘bars’ lyrics, in the bedroom, playground and alleyways but quickly recognised his talent and moved up a level to live radio sets, studio sessions and recording with NAA (new age army) a well known south London garage crew at the time.

After a partial gap from the music scene from 2006 to 2008 enticed by the streets, the once rough diamond came back sharper than ever!

Linking with the South London producer who was one of the elders at his secondary that is Carnshill.

With his story telling, trap flows and significant voice/sound he has got a strong following and bright future in the UK rap scene.

2014 was a break through and positive year for Tef’ with his debut iTunes release “The RENAISSANCE” charting at no1 in the hip hop charts and 22nd in the UK albums chart, and With a new EP Scheduled for the summer of 2015 there’s a lot more in store.